Wedding Photographer

Candid Wedding Photographers in Kolkata to Preserve Wedding Memories

When it comes to your D-Day, it no doubt holds a lot of importance. After all, it’s a start of a new journey, and you want it to be picture perfect. Be it the venue, the transportation or greeting the guest; everything you need has to be perfect that you can catch them all in photographs and hang as memories.
Why Do You Need Quality Photographs?

Quality of the photographs represents the close detail of candid moments. Especially, you could find a number of ceremonies that both the bride and groom have to go through before wedding. So, having a photographer throughout the events gives the opportunity to capture the journey towards your D-Day. Don’t you think outstanding photography can carry memories to show the generations to come?

Nowadays, the pre-wedding photo shoot is one of the trending ways to convey the grand yet romantic presentation of the chemistry between you and your partner. It’s all about photographer’s talent during the shoot and eyes that can pay attention to details. These photographs can be used to send invitations, AV presentation and lots more. You can choose the theme as well for pre-wedding photography.

What Makes Us Different from the Rest?

We, at Makes My Wedding, capture authentic moments, preserve the memories and give you the reasons to unfold your expressions. Our wedding photographers in Kolkata work on traditional as well as candid photography and cinematic wedding video making. Our work magnifies the value that each moment holds.

We bring out the best in every click. Our work is strongly influenced by the fine art documentary style of photography. Wedding films that we create hold the eternal beauty and are a perfect example of creative work in our domain. Our clicks are savoured by the couples, and strangers admire our work to refer us for their close one’s wedding.

Our candid wedding photography beautifies the memories in every page of your wedding album. With series of photographs, we create the stories that you would love to preserve and pass on to the generation to come.

Why Don’t You Have an Experiment with Candid Photography?

Whereas traditional photography is something, which has gone out of trend, the creativity and technology both meet when you approach for candid photography. So, why don’t you try candid photography this time? You can choose the candid photographers by asking about the referrals from people known well to you, i.e., who can give an honest opinion for you. Don’t forget the credentials too before appointing any photographer for the special day.

We believe in creating beautiful stories representing the essence of love in simple Indian marriage ceremonies and you would get the lyrical vibrancy in each click of the bride and bridegroom. We have the ability to perceive and draw the outlook with our experienced eyes and hands that are sufficient to create the image by capturing the moments. Whereas photography is an integral part of any wedding since ages, it has become the trend now to do experiments.

How We Capture Candid Wedding Photography?

Whereas all-embracing environment is the nature of an Indian wedding, cheerful mood at a wedding is best captured with our candid photography. Well, there is no doubt the popularity of candid photography in Kolkata is rising continuously. Hence we made our photographers and equipment ready for the time you search for wedding photography online.

A candid photographer is specialized in catching the special moments, which comes and goes in seconds. Our photographers have a quick eye and exceptional capability to observe and take shots in a jiffy. Photographers capture moments and create a sequence of photographs that tell a story indeed.

While choosing a photographer, give them the instruction about your requirements or what you expect from their photography. Well, be careful not to mar his/her sense of style with a lot of customization, else, the result will come completely as void.

It is all about clicking some meaningful pictures as well as creating the charm at the same time. So that, when you sit with your spouse or with your grandchildren in the future, you can revisit each of those moments once again.
It’s our belief that marriages are made in heaven and we capture the moments to make them eternal.