Top 6 Reasons behind Choosing the Option of Destination Pre-Wedding Shoot

A destination wedding is not something that people are still unaware of. Take the example of Viral Kohli and Anushka Sharma. They went all the way to Milan for their wedding. A lot of couples in Kolkata are also in love with the idea because of a lot of reasons. The similar sorts of reasons are also applicable for the pre-wedding photo shoots as well. Over the time, a lot of couples have said ‘yes’ to the idea of destination pre-wedding photo shoot.

If you ask about the opinions of the experienced wedding photographers in Kolkata who also specialise in pre-wedding shoots will suggest destination shoot to be a great idea. Well, a lot of people may try to de-moralise you implying that pre-wedding shoots outside Kolkata are nothing but wastage of money. But, our humble request is not to pay attention to it at all. There are some valid reasons for which you should choose the option.

Let us decode the reasons for you to clarify your doubts.

Favourable Background

Ever thought of having a candid photographic moment with sea or the mountain in the background? Or getting clicked in a grand palace of some long lost “zamindar”? Well, destination pre-wedding shoot can make it possible for you and give you a favourable background where you will look like a fairy princess with your charming prince.

Away from the Crowd

Well, it is one of the most crucial reasons of all. Think of the crowded streets of Kolkata. It’s hard to get a perfect click where you will be with your partner without someone not getting into the frame. However, in destination shoot, we will take you to the favourable photographic spots where there will be no one except and your partner. You will feel comfortable in posing for some fantastic shots.

No Hurry!

Take your time to prepare yourself for the shoot. From dressing up to giving a makeup trial, you have the entire day in your hand for experimenting with the shots. The professionals associated with pre-wedding photography in Kolkata will let you enjoy enough time to prepare yourself for the final shoot and bring out your best.

It will match the mood of Romance!

There is none who will disagree with the idea that the continually breaking waves of the sea, the wind or the light of the sunset in the mountain ignite a sense of togetherness and romance in a couple. Therefore, a destination pre-wedding shoot will be perfect to bring out the spirit of love in you, and that will get reflected in the images.

Alone Time with Your Partner before Getting Hitched

The hustle bustle of an Indian wedding often puzzles the couples. Frankly, they cannot find enough time for love and togetherness before they are finally getting settled for life. Choosing the option of destination pre-wedding shoot will undoubtedly give the couple a quality time of a day or two to spend together, away from the crowd of the ceremony.

Because It Is the Trend!

Well, last but not the least, it is the current trend. It is not about following others, but if you go through the gallery of Makes My Wedding, you will find some instances where the destination pre-wedding shoots are bound to impress you from the core. So, there is no point of lagging behind and not opting for this fantastic venture.

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