Top 4 Smart Things You Need to Know for Your Pre Wedding Photo Shoot

The recent years have witnessed a surge in the demand of the craze for going for a pre-wedding shoot. And, why not? People consider this to be one of the most beautiful memories that are going to mark the togetherness. Apart from this, the advancement in the image quality and the expertise of the photographers has made them travel to some of the most romantic places and exotic locations for the sake of several candid shots.

There is a misconception among the soon-to-be-married couples that a pre-wed shoot is always going to be smooth. There are no hassles and things to consider while during a pre-wedding shooting. But, believe it! It is not going to be the way you are thinking. The following are some of the crucial things that are needed to be considered before jumping into the socks of the excitement of the pre-wedding shoot—

Be Clear with the Theme and the Concept

Every photographer has its kind of set-up. At times, they provide you with a list of options to choose for. It is advised to ensure that the right kind of theme and concept should be selected. If, at all needed, putting forward your wishes or your dream theme to the photographer is going to do no harm.

Experts say that while you go for a session of pre wedding photography in Kolkata, ascertain about the latest theme and the concept that is trending in the market. Every bride-to-be has the dream to look the best in the latest trend.

Check for the Venues or the Locations

For the exclusive shots or the best pictures, it is not needed that you have to travel long. There can be some unique places in the vicinity that can give a picturesque view of the photo shoot. Therefore, what is needed is to make sure that you explore all the possible places near you. Apart from this, you can also suggest some of the spots that are special to you. Doing this is certainly going to add memories to the snaps.

Think of the Attire

Costume matters. Well, it is always going to be deciding factor when it comes to the best shots. The professional wedding photographer in Kolkata suggests following the same pattern. This helps to give uniqueness and symmetricity to the photo frame. Both the boy and girl needs to wear the same themed dress. In case of any doubts, the photographers can be a helping hand.

Think of the Props to be Used

The inclusion of the props in the pre-wedding photography is always going to add essence and glam to the shots. Therefore, make sure that the props so selected complement the concept and the picture. However, discussing with the photographer about the props is always going to help you address the viewers in a more engaging way.


The point mentioned above are some of the things that need to be considered while going for a pre-wedding shoot. Taking care of these things is always going to make your snaps engaging. Apart from this, the role of the photographer should always be considered unfailingly when it comes to seeking guidance or instructions.

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