Top 4 Must-To-Do Things while Photographing a Bengali Wedding

For the photographers, the Bengali wedding is the treat for their high-end DSLRs. It is because of the fact that the wedding surrounds a plethora of rituals and ceremonies to be snapped.  Apart from this, the cheerful, smiling exuberant relatives add the cherry on the top of the cake. The profusion of the customs at the wedding is something that is always going to be pleasing. The professional wedding photographer makes sure that there is no stone unturned when it comes to bringing out the best of the event through photos.

Bridal photographers need to have a distinct knowledge of the different events and ceremonies that play a crucial role in the Bengali wedding. Capturing each of the unique moments helps in making the marriage a memorable one.

Therefore, the professionals have always few things set on their list which are never to be missed:

  1. Always Include the Candid Moments of the Couple

Photographers never give a miss to click the smile on the face of the bride after the groom cracks a joke. Such numerous moments throughout the wedding should not be skipped. These are “CANDIDS” and are cherished for the lifetime. Top wedding photographers in Kolkata make sure to include all the imperative moments of the protagonists with the aim to bring a difference in the photography style.

  1. Capture all the Wedding Rituals

A photographer takes an instant out of time, altering life by holding it still. The person holding the lens needs to capture all the best shots of all the rituals. Bengali wedding is full of occasions, and the duty of the photographer starts right from gaye holud till the reception. All marriages are differently arranged and, therefore, importance needs to be given to the specific moments from the events. An expert wedding photographer never allows such moments to go just like that.

  1. The Bride’s Beautiful Moments

In almost all the weddings, the bride is the show stopper. With all the designer ornaments and the best make-ups, the bride looks pretty and stunning. Every photographer opts different ways to snap the bride. While the bokeh snaps of the smiling bride are always the top shot; the other includes locking the flamboyant Mehendi covered hands, the dazzling lehenga/saree or the skilfully aalta-decorated feet.

  1. The Groom and the Borjatri

Borjatri is one of the special moments in the entire wedding ceremony. It is the moment when the associates of the groom take the lion’s share of attention. In most of the cases, during the Bengali wedding photography in Kolkata, the photographers make sure that the candid moments of the members of the family from the groom are captured to the best. The welcoming of the friends and relatives at the brides’ place is also something that should be captured unfailingly.

Like the bride, the groom should also be snapped in the best angles.


There are, of course, other special moments in a Bengali wedding. Jaimal, sindoor and mongolsutra are some other marks of unbreakable bondages that are never to be missed.

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