Top 3 Ideas to Spruce up Your Pre-Wedding Shoot

Durga puja is just a few days away and as soon as the Bengali’s biggest event starts, the wedding season for love couples will come along. Well, if you are in the row for getting married this season, then this blog is going to help you regarding your pre-wedding photo shoot planning. Before you get busy in shopping and the arrangements, take a moment of pause. You may have booked for the pre-wedding shoot with the best service providers of Bengali pre-wedding photography in Kolkata already, but are you ready for it? Well, it is not just about digging up a date from your busy schedule and investing it for the session.

Not Just a Photo Shoot – But Some Timeless Moments

The pre-wedding photo shoot is probably going to be the last bunch of photographs with your love before you finally become legalized as life partners. The pre-wedding photography has a ‘timeless’ factor in it that will never fade away. So, you are required to invest quality time in it to think of some adequate planning to ensure that your shoot stands out from the rest.

Check out some of the useful tips that you can utilize to make sure the photos can take you straight down the memory lanes and remind you about your love moments whenever you decide to look back at them.

Location Selection – Most Vital Criteria

The very first criteria you have to meet in the case of pre-wedding photo shoot are undoubtedly the choice of location. A lot of sites are there in Kolkata that can add a unique spark in your pre-wedding images. Eco Park, Princep Ghat, Botanical Garden, Maidan, Victoria Memorial Hall, and the boat ride in Hoogly are some of the places where the right landscape and background for the perfect pre-wedding photos. Choose the location according to your convenience and of course, don’t forget to share your wish with your photographer in any way.

Don’t Feel Shy, Be Romantic!

Is there any point of being shy with the person whom you are going to tie the knot? Be candid and natural. Whether you are going for an arranged marriage or a love marriage, the essence of togetherness is always there, and for every couple, it is something unique. It is YOU two who can bring out the uniqueness of your relationship in the best way possible. So, ditch your inhibitions and showcase your romantic side to the fullest.

Be Experimental with Your Poses

As a couple, you have to give some of the best moments to be captured. Although the top wedding photographer in Kolkata will provide you with some valuable suggestions, you need to follow for giving the best picture perfect moments. Along with the natural romantic poses, you can also use some props that will make the images look brilliant. For instance, you can use colour flair along with using an umbrella to make a story out of the picture. Or you can ask the photographer to click a mesmerising silhouette with the backdrop of the sunset.

None can bring out the flavour of your romance unless and until you create the magical moments. Include simple things to make the photos talk. Whether you wish to use the pictures for invitation or just to save as the most cherished photo album, Makes My Wedding is sure to help you out.

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