Subho Drishti, an auspicious sight of love

By Poulami Banerjee

It is the fragrance of love, the essence of true bond that brings the hearts together under the umbrella of marriage. It is through the different rituals and ceremonies of weddings that makes the love bond more strong and secure and also more matured. Among the different types of weddings, Bengali weddings are still stealing the show due to its pure traditional nature which are still adored by many. The ritual that signifies a Bengali style wedding mostly is the ritual of “SUBHO DRISHTI”, where the bride covers her face with a betel leaf and is carried on a peeri by her brothers. Then seven rounds are taken around the bridegroom before being face to face with him. After this the couple is covered by a white holy cloth and are asked to see each other, where the norm is that their eyes would meet.

It’s the propitious sight, a traditional ritual which is not only the contact between the eyes, but also the contact between the two souls and the intimate union of the two partners.

With the beginning of this ritual, the whole ceremony of Bengali wedding enhances. “Subho Drishti” is the show stopper of the whole Bengali marriage ceremony.

According to psychology, if the bride and the groom looks into each other’s eyes for continuous 7 seconds while performing the ritual of Subho Drishti, then it is considered that the heartbeats of both the partners beats in sync with each other.

“Subho Drishti” is one of the most attractive,elegant,significant, and an interesting ritual and also an exciting one too. It is through this where the beautiful relationship between the two partners in love gets portrayed in the beautiful frame of life. In this way among the various rituals of Bengali wedding, the ritual of “Subho Drishti” still grabs the attention of one and all.

So the Indian Bengali weddings which are well known for its vibrant colours and never ending long rituals, among them “SUBHO DRISHTI” is one of those unique and special moments which highlights this in the best way.

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