Secrets to Stay in Budget with Best Wedding Photography in Kolkata


One of the most significant constraints people often face is the time when they have to book a wedding photographer, and they have a fixed budget. Well, there is no point in believing in the rumour that you cannot afford to book the best wedding photographer in Kolkata just because you don’t have much budget. With Makes My Wedding, it is possible to get high-end photos at a low price. Believe it or not! Our team makes it possible for you as we care.

So, what you are planning to do for wrapping up the photography section within budget? Hopefully, you are not planning to appoint the amateur photographers as it will be a direct compromise with the quality. Especially, when you get it done within budget following some simple hacks, there is no question of such a settlement.

Here are some secrets shared for you to make sure you become successful in complete the wedding photography within budget.

wedding photograph
Nachiketa and Debdutta, during pre wedding shoot at Calcutta.


  • Book as Early as Possible

The photographers need to hike their rates when you book for the services in the final hour. They may have already secured a booking for the day. And, under such circumstances, they have nothing to do but hire an additional workforce. Obviously, you need to be ready to pay a bit extra for the late booking as they are not going to compromise on your service even if you book at the last minute.

  • Plan Your Budget and Stick to It

Well, you can, and you should, in fact, plan your budget ahead. However, before that, you need to research a bit vividly to understand the standard market rates offered by the Kolkata based photographers. Once you know the standard rate, it will become easy for you to follow a fixed price. And it will then not be difficult for you to stay within budget.

  • Don’t Forget to Talk to Them about Seasonal Discounts

When the season for Indian weddings remain at peak in summer and winter, you can expect to get discounts. But, first, you have to book the services as early as possible to get the discount. Apart from the seasonal discounts, you can ask for a referral discount too. And, the photographers will not let you down.

  • Go for the Package

There is always profit when you choose the package for wedding photography instead of selecting the photographers just for the wedding day. When you go for the wedding photography package, it will cover the pre-wedding shoot, wedding ceremony, reception and the wedding video story for the entire event.

If you sit to compare the prices, it will be evident to you that the cost of wedding photography will not leave you in much benefits like the package will do. So, it is always a wise decision to go with the packages to stay within the budget.

Final Words

So, don’t delay much. If you have already saved the date for your wedding, contact Makes My Wedding for the most exceptional budget wedding photography in Kolkata. Our experienced photographers will frame the most beautiful moments of your life in the lowest possible expenses.

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