What Are the Picture Perfect Moments That Will Glorify Your Wedding Album?

None will deny the fact that the Indian wedding scene is the best ground for the wedding photographers to exercise the talents. In the hustle bustle of the rituals and the crowd of relatives, the specialized photographers need to make their way to click some of the best wedding moments. However, you will never find any photographer to feel disappointed after shooting for an Indian wedding as they get some of their best ‘picture perfect’ shots in the wedding venue.

It is a day-night affair! Rather, it gets started from a day or two before, and it goes on! The wedding photographers don’t need to struggle much to get the moments as those are just perfect in their own flavour. All they need to do is to keep the cameras ready and appoint the team in different directions.

Apart from the candid clicks, some essential ‘picture perfect’ moments are also there that make the album of every Indian wedding special and direct the onlookers straight to the event, so they don’t have to miss anything. Let’s find out some of those special moments that genuinely deserve particular attention in your wedding album.

Starting off with the Mehendi

The intricate designs spread on the hands of the bride officially start of the wedding scene just a night before the big day. The dance moves of the friends and the joy spread on the glowing face of the bride is something that no photographer can miss.

The Haldi Moment

haldi ceremony

The next morning, haldi ceremony, or in Bengali wedding ‘gaye holud’ takes away all the attention. The bride, clad in bright yellow saree along with her friends maintaining the same colour scheme turns the wedding mood on. It starts off the vibrant and colourful journey of the wedding that is carried out throughout the night.

Happy Family

It may apparently seem a little bit posy. But, this is one picture perfect moment in every wedding album both the bride and groom craves. On the one hand, it shows the bond the bride shared with her closest ones and with the new family, the flavour is just different.

Friends Forever

Friends are like the shining stars of a wedding, be it from the bride’s side or the groom’s. The picture-perfect moments with them are hard to be missed by any of the photographers.

The Dance Off

What is an Indian wedding without a dance-off between two families! It is the den for candid moments. As everyone gets involved in it, the expressions remain real and happy. It is enough to make a great picture.

The ‘Food’ Spread

Indian wedding is all about sumptuous food. And with the buffet tables all around, the wedding photographers can frame the lavishness correctly.

Colour me ‘Red’


For Bengali wedding, the ‘sindurdaan’ is one of those precious moments the bride looks out for. As the vermilion power crosses the parting of the bride’s hair, not only her appearance, but her entire life is changed. What moment can be better than this for a wedding photographer!

Bidding Farewell to the House of Memories

Leaving the house and going to the husband’s house to live an entirely different atmosphere altogether – it is very crucial moment any Indian wedding and the most emotional one too. Attachments and affection of the family members remain at its peak at this moment, and for the photographers, it’s a shot worth taking.

So, the talented wedding photographer in Kolkata associated with Makes My Wedding does their best to include these precious moments in your wedding album to make your journey to the memory lane worth remembering.

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