monochrome is the new green | Black & white wedding photography in Kolkata


POULAMI BANERJEE:  As lion is the king of the jungle, the role of monochrome has been compared to that of the role of a king in the world of colours. It is the dominating power of black and white which overrules the concept of coloured images. Colourful images are more of vibrant and loud whereas monochrome leaves a bold, and a passionate effect on the picture. Monochromatic effects depicts reality. It brings out the ambience of our thoughts and memories. This is to say that when we try to remember anything from the past as we go back to the flashback or when we dream about something then the images that gets reflected in our mind is monochromatic in nature. Colour has no role there at all. Being Monochrome, is like being green that becomes soothing to the eyes. It is when the white colour reflects all the seven colours of VIBGYOR, then we get its presence and black absorbs all of them bringing out its own identity. So all the colours of the universe are hidden within the monochromatic colours. Without the presence of black and white, no colour can exist. Colour images may highlight different hues of life in certain areas, but monochromatic images are more ethnic and real. It brings out the essence of life. Monochrome images absorbs more amount of light and requires higher amount of exposure in comparison with colourful pictures. A black and white picture may bring out a realistic tone in a picture more than a coloured one. Monochrome images are easily affordable and are in trend now-a-days.

Is it only the coloured images that can reflect the different shades of life?
No,it is not so. Even with the presence of minimalistic colour, an image can convey its desired message. This trend needs to be broken where people believe that only multi chrome images can bring out the best moments of life and monochrome images are pale and dull. With time this trend is seemingly getting to change, as people are preferring mono-toned images for their D-day more than vibrant coloured ones, in order to have simple yet smart moments captured for life. To reflect the beautiful shades of life, colours are not required when one can portray it through the story behind the picture. Like in a picture, a similing bride and groom are enough to portray their happening D-day to be a fulfilling one. With their smiles itself their happy moments of life get reflected, where there are no requirement of colours at all. So there goes a saying,”To go Green, to go Monochrome”.

Our Makes My Wedding team is trying to uphold the concept of Monochromatic images and trying to cater its significance. It is trying to frame the pictures in mono-tones in order to bring out its relevance in the eyes of the beholder.

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