Know Why Candid Wedding Photography Is in Demand in Kolkata

Are you planning to appoint your wedding photographers finally? Well, there is no doubt about the fact that you are required to book the photographers as fast as you can as the best ones are in high demand. Evidently, the best ones are not determined only by the charges they ask for but also for their quality.

If you are one of those clients who would like to adorn your wedding album with memories, not only the standard photos, Makes My Wedding will share the pleasure of being at your assistance. The team consists of the best wedding photographer in Kolkata, and there is no doubt about the fact that the experts tend to infuse life to your album.

The demand for having this natural liveliness in the wedding album is one of the prime reasons behind the popularity of candid photos. Candid shots are those that are clicked when you are unaware of the fact that someone is clicking your pictures. Simply, it is the way to click your natural glee of being a bride or a groom that gets captured in the lens through candid photography.

Let’s give you some valid reasons that will compel you to include candid shots in your wedding album too. Read them out.

Real Emotions are being captured

The best part of candid shots are, as mentioned, those are captured by the photographers when you are not fully aware of the camera position. So, you will laugh your best or become a bit emotional along with your family during ‘bidaayi’ not knowing that the photographer is capturing the moments. When you finally see it for the first time, you will undoubtedly be moved to find out how the photographers have done it without even letting you know.

Candid is all about lens locking unique moments

Well, even among the standard rituals of any Indian wedding, there is always a flavour of uniqueness. The ceremonies may be the same more or less in every Indian wedding but the moments spent during those rituals are always unique. In candid shots, photographers get many chances of experimentation, and they eventually make the best out those chances. They capture those unique moments with natural expressions of the bride and groom, and the photo turns out to be the best one in your album.

Actions are captured when those are actually happening

You may have visited many wedding ceremonies where the bride and groom are often asked by the photographer to repeat the activities such as ‘sindur daan’ or ‘malabodol’. However, undoubtedly, when the moment is gone, it is gone forever.

The photographers may get some picture perfect shots though, but only the best candid photographer in Kolkata knows how to steal the show. Much crowd remains there while the photographers try to capture the moments. However, they have the skill to capture the actions right there so that the charm or flavour of the action does not get missed.

You can honestly feel the essence of your wedding ceremony that went away in a blink of eyes right there in your album and relives those moments with the beautiful candid photos. Here lies the power of candid photography and that is what makes it stand out from the rest of the techniques.

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