KHATTA MEETHA, an untold story of love

By Poulami Banerjee

Life is nothing without love. The blooming of love paves the beginning of a new journey in one’s life. After falling in love with the beloved one and getting married with the same person is like adding a cherry on the top.

Relationships can be of various types like the various flavours of life and various shades of love. It is a wonderful combination of bitter-sweet love and affection. There are fights, arguments as well as hurdles but successful are those who overcome these and let their true love win at the end.

Among the various love stories in the world, another Khatta-Meetha love story began between Mr. Chaitanya and Miss Lovely. Their journey went through many ups and downs but nothing could set them apart. True love blossomed in their lives that made them conquer all hurdles and barriers. Destiny smiled upon them and brought them together within the permanent bondage of love. Their roller-coaster love story with hurdles, apologies, mischiefs, and laughter is finally going to end through the ultimate bond of love; Marriage.

They began their celebration of love with their unique pre-wedding photo-shoot. The outstanding pictures not only portrayed their mischievous love but it stood as the emblem of their bitter-sweet fairy tale and it did showcase their beautiful love story as well.

From college classes, to the festival of colours to the wedding mandap in Jamshedpur, this couple has been by the side of each other.

With all the expectation of love, warmth, and support and with the blessings of parents and others, the two love birds, Miss Lovely and Mr. Chaitanya are now going to tie the knot on 18-02-2018 at Jamshedpur. 18th Feb’ 18 is the date for them to take the vows, to hold hands and to walk the lane of life.

On behalf of “Makes my wedding” team, I would like to say that it was a wonderful and joyous experience to work with this beautiful couple. To share the time and to be a part of their journey was an excellent experience. Their true love, eagerness, excitement and co-operation towards everything made everything fall into place easily and also made our work run very smoothly.

We would like to wish them all the very best for their new life, new journey, and a new start with all our love and warm wishes. We hope that their never ending love and affection get a new meaning and achieve a new level with every step of life. Because in the end, it is everything that comes down to LOVE.

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