Keep Yourself Aware of Few Tips before Selecting Wedding Photographers

Are you super excited about your wedding day? Are you someone who believes that her/his wedding day would be the most important day of their life? When it comes to your wedding if you want to tell everyone proudly about your wedding story, you are absolutely at the right place. We love our profession. And we believe in capturing emotions through candid photography. When it comes to capturing candid photographs it means the subject needs to be unaware of taking photos.

Best wedding photographer in Kolkata understand the difference between candid and paparazzi. If you want to be the star of your wedding and experience the most amazing moments of your life while you flip the album, you must go for the best candid wedding photographers in Kolkata. There are many photographers available out there, but selecting the right one is the most important task when it comes to the big day of your life. Random posted photos and also random candid shots can never preserve your precious moments the way an efficient photographer can. A skilled photographer’s task is to tell stories via camera that is meaningful to you, which you can showcase to your future generations. Here we have come with some tips on how to select the best candid wedding photographers.


Always look for best candid photographers

Candid shots are the most difficult shots as no posing is involved and the best way to capture real emotions. Photographers who are skilled in capturing candids are sure to capture good posed pictures as well. Try to opt for photographers who can capture emotions of the couples and their families in a more realistic way and can create story through their photographs. Thes shots require very good techniques, skills and experience, thus are very difficult to shoot.

Difference between candid and traditional photographs

When it comes to traditional photographs they are staged or planned. These photographers are not that difficult to capture. But a large part of wedding can not be captured in traditional photographs and also these pictures lack real emotions. Whereas candid pictures are captured without any previous planning or when the subjects remain entirely unaware of the very fact that they are been photographed. They can capture the real emotions of an individual but require special techniques and skills of the photographer.

Don’t go for mechanical photographers but for artists

Although the cost of these skilled candid wedding photographer in Kolkata artists can be more but if you want your day to be magical and depict stories then you must look for artists. Always take your time and go through the profile of the photographers and their portfolio page. Much emphasis should be given on the composition of the pictures rather than the potrayes. And also it is suggested that do not delay the booking, any good photographer does not remain unoccupied, thus soon after your queries are answered book your day beforehand.

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