Enticing Bengali Wedding Dress that Make a Startling Wedding Snap

There is no doubt that weddings are mostly women-centric in our country. Whenever it comes to wedding arrangements, all possible efforts are made to make the bride beautiful. Right from buying the lehengas, banarasi silk sarees to the gorgeous designer gold, platinum and diamond-studded ornaments- all are the essential aspects of decorating a bride. Apart from all these, the makeup, hairdo and other crucial play the vital role.

Well, to say precisely, a wedding snap is never complete without the groom. Both the individuals need to be perfect for the best shots. The groom and the bride look exceptionally magnificent in the traditional wedding trousseau. The following article describes the different dresses that make wedding photography an astounding one—

  1. For the GROOM:

Well, the groom has a limited wedding dress option. However, the modern-day wedding is following some of ‘out of the box’ wedding apparel that makes the groom look really attractive. The following are the dressing instances when the groom as an individual makes the perfect subject-

  1. Traditional ‘Dhoti’ and ‘Kurta’

Spelt as ‘dhuti’ in Bengali is considered as the most critical attire for the groom. Mostly made of khadi and comes in cream, white or beige shading- adds a star to the groom’s overall appearance. The combo of the dhoti and kurta sets the perfect platform for the best shots. Different shades of the kurta (maroon, white, cream) complementing the dhoti is worn, and that makes the groom look beautiful.

  1. Going the ‘Punjabi’ Way

The traditional Punjabi dress that is sherwani is now one of the most opted wedding attire for the Bengali groom. The heavily decorated and embroidered sherwani gives the groom a dapper look and helps in shedding the normal Bengali appearance to a Punjabi ‘munda’! This attire makes the perfect shot during the wedding ceremony.

  1. For the Bride

There are comparatively more options opened for the bride when it comes to wedding dresses as compared to the grooms. The following are the outfits for the bride that make them look the most beautiful and a picture perfect one-

  1. Traditional Banarasi Saree

Well, for the Bengali brides, the traditional Banarasi saree add the cherry on the top of the cake. Apart from the jewellery and the makeup, the different colours of the saree make the bride beautiful. This attire is rich with embroidery and has gold brocade adding to the sophistication.

  1. Gorgeous Lehengas

The stunning lehenga choli is making the bride look astounding. To add a glamour quotient and an elegant silhouette, the Bengali brides are looking for the embroidered lehengas. Trying something new makes the bride smile in the real rush of the colourful apparel.

There is no doubt that these attires- for the brides as well as the grooms- give a touch of whimsy to the entire wedding session. The wedding photographer in Kolkata makes sure that they capture these candid moments when both of the persons look the best in these wedding attire. It is one of the crucial aspects why choosing the best dress becomes so essential.

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