Do Capturing Pre-wedding Moments in Monochrome Make Sense?

Pre-wedding photo sessions are the new trend in Kolkata like it is in the rest of the world. It adds a newer dimension to the entire celebration, but creating a perfect preamble to the occasion, and setting the right tone that sets the ‘ball rolling’.

The concept of pre-wedding photo shoots is still in its nascent stage, and a lot of experimentations are being carried out. Well, this is not to mean that once the concept sets in, in the psyche of the Kolkata ‘babus’ all experimentation will stop. This asks for a tremendous creative acumen, and people will keep in innovative newer styles to freeze the pre-wedding moments.

One very alluring style of pre-wedding photo shoots is capturing the moments entirely in monochrome. Now, this is an interesting point of view. While one school of thought grasps it with open hands, the more orthodox ones would not particularly like the absence of colour in the entirety. While the conflict continues, let us weigh the different aesthetics of black and white pre-wedding photo shoots.

It makes a notable difference

‘Black and white’ has a language of itself. It speaks that language in a very subtle way and in the world that is otherwise overwhelmed by colour, that subtleness of the language has its own aesthetics that makes all the difference.

Thus, when a wedding photographer in Kolkata shoots pre-wedding photos in monochrome, the lack of colours helps the photographer to capture the moments in a purer way. It perfectly represents the relationship and the love between the two love-birds.

In fact, if you are looking to be one of those trendsetters in the world of pre-wedding photo shoots, black and white is the ‘language’ you need to speak. It will do wonders.

They help you capture the moments in a perfect way

The pre-wedding photo shoots are captured during the courtship period of the couples. That is the tenderest and loving moments when the typical burdens and responsibilities of Indian married life have not taken over in the lives of the couples.

The apprehensions and excitements of a new life add a new dimension of the romance between the would-be bride and the groom. If you are to capture all these dimensions and shades of emotion perfectly, do not opt for colours. They will overwhelm these delicate shades.

Adding a tinge of agelessness

Have you gone through those black and white gems of the yesteryears? They are ageless classics –and that is what makes them treasures. If you are to have a few more for you and your beloved one to ponder over together, say 30 years down the line, opt for black and white photos. When you snap a black and white photo, it freezes time in its frame. That’s its beauty. Cherish the nectar of that beauty with some classic and innovative black and white pre-wedding photos.

Black and white will be the best choice. Stick to it, and it will make all the difference. In fact, whenever you contact a quality photo studio in Kolkata like Makes My Wedding for a pre-wedding photo shoot, it will advise you to go for a black and white session. In fact, speaking about Makes my Wedding, this extremely renowned studio has photographers who are specialized in black and white pre-wedding photos.

So that’s it – if you are to add some drama to the photos, go for black and white. They will speak forever – silently.

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