6 Top Poses that you should never give a Miss during Pre Wedding Shoot

Are you going to be hitched? It is the time to try out some of the gorgeous poses for your pre-wedding shoots. It is the moment when you can pose freely for the photographers who would be capturing your emotions and expressions of new love. Therefore, try out some of the memorable and long-lasting poses! The following is the list of some of the poses that a going-to-be married couple should never give a miss:

1. “Be Mine Forever” Pose

The shine in the eyes with the genuine expression on the face while “will you marry me” proposal is offered is always going to be the candid moment that should never be missed. Undoubtedly, the first expression of love is always the special one. The couple needs to plan a romantic proposal for their better half. A pre wedding photographer in Kolkata ensures that all the candid moments ‘from proposing to accepting’ are captured without flawlessly.

2. The Ring it on Ceremony

There can be a thousand ways to put on the ring. But for the adventure loving romantic couples, trying out some of the ways that are out of the track is always going to leave a long-lasting impression. These are the moments that are always going to bring a smile to the face when cherished. Professionals consider preserving these moments for eternity.

3. Classic Pose is Always Eternal

No one is PERFECT, but the Moments can be!

Love definitely adds colour to life. Therefore, it is suggested for the couples not to miss the royal poses. Trying out the pose with the regal background is always going to be ‘the candid’. The photographers capturing moments in some of the destination locations with majestic buildings suggest trying out some of them. These are the essence of the never-ending love that can be put up on the walls. Therefore, get the moments captured pronto!

4. “Save-the-Date” Pose

The way of inviting the friends, relatives and the closed ones who cannot be contacted with the wedding cards has changed. Do not miss out this type of cute reminder – SAVE THE DATE – that would be handy for inviting everyone over Facebook, Twitters or other social media. Therefore, missing out this ‘customised’ invitation method is something that the candid wedding photographer in Kolkata is never going to give a miss.

5. Put on your Dancing Shoes

The dance is a poem of which every movement is a word. As you are very soon going to get married, so let all the shenanigans be all around. Get the dance floor rolling with the twists and the twirls! Ensure the candid dance steps and moments are captured with the crazy movements.

6. The Gotcha ‘Yummy’ Moments

Delicacies have always topped the list when it comes to ceremonies. The candy floss moments are something that cannot be skipped. Cakes and pastries are the real irresistible delight that helps the photographer capture the ‘yummy’ moments of the posing couple.


With these some of the loving poses, you never know that you are going to adding moments and memories in your life. These are the instants that you are going to cherish for the lifetime. These candid picture perfect poses are all about Love, Laughter and Happily EVER AFTER.

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