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6 Things to Try for a ‘NEVER TO-BE-MISSED’ Wedding Photo Snap

It is obvious that you have been spending the countless sleepless night before your wedding. Is it the worry of your wedding or the wedding preparations? For many of the young people who are going to get married this season or in the near future, their craze for hiring the professional wedding photographer to make the event memorable takes them to try new things every now and then. With several traditional or conventional poses to try for, there are some that can be opted as a part of a trial.

Experts say that some of the poses that are very uncommon can be tried to add a touch of elegance and spice to the shots. These shots are always going to be a memoir for the lifetime to be cherished. The following are some of the exclusive poses that you can try for during your pre-wedding or wedding shoot:

1. Bride Having her Hairstyle and Makeup Done

Every process needs to be captured delicately and with precision. A bride getting ready for the wedding is one of the classic shots that have remained ‘evergreen’ for years. A bride being applied make-up and the hairstylist doing the hair styling to the bride, while sitting in front of a big-sized mirror is always going to remain black-and-white even after ten decades.

2. Life Shots of the Stills of the Bridal Accessories

Bridal accessories are the vital items for a wedding. The best photographers in Kolkata makes sure that they capture the flawless stills of the shoes, jewellery, bag, the wristwatch that is to be worn by the bride on the D-day. According to the experts, if the bride wears the ornaments and the wristwatch from the vintage collection, then the shot is going to be worth million dollars.

3. Still Shots of the Bouquets

Flowers are always photogenic. Undoubtedly capturing the bouquets of the bride as well as the bride’s maid is always going to add chic to the photo. The different wedding photographers in Kolkata make sure to click the best images of the bouquets in the pop-up tone.

4. Bridesmaids’ Reactions to Bride in Benarasi Saree

Wow! This is always going to be the reaction from the bridesmaids upon seeing the bride in the best silk Benarasi saree. The shot of the amazed brides’ friends on seeing the bride in the best of the outfit and in the best looks is a candid click that should never be missed.

5. Family Photo

A family photo is immortal. The bride with her parents and siblings makes the picture of the day. This is one of the reasons why a family photo is needed.

6. Bride and Groom Heading towards the Ceremony

It is a perfect time and the moment to click the shots of the love-birds together. The bride and the groom heading towards the ceremony hand-in-hand is one of the moments that is always going to bring smiles to the face of all the people looking at it- even after you are married.


The wedding photographer takes care of all the possible happenings that are always going to make your snap-worthy. In the case of making an album of shots with the candid moments, these shots or the moments are never going to be missed.

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