4 Ways a Wedding Photographer Makes your SEVEN VOWS Mesmerising

With so many rituals to complete on the list during the wedding ceremony, seven vows during the ‘saatphera’ are one of the most important ones. It includes circumambulation of the sacred fire seven times amidst the Vedic Mantra. In each round, the couple takes a vow that is considered unbreakable. Every phera has its own significance, and the photographers take all the possible means to ensure that they capture the minute element without distorting the essence.

The following are some of the things that a professional need to keep in mind:

  1. Capturing the Pheras

In the traditional Hindu wedding, the significance of the first phera is when the couple prays to God for the abundance of the pure food. It also signifies the couple’s dedication towards living up to each other for the food. In the midst of the Vedic mantras, the photographer takes into account each of the footsteps of the bride and the groom. The emotion that flows at the moment is worth capturing and is something that should never be given a miss.

Apart from the first phera, the second to the seventh one also involves different vows. The top wedding photographers in Kolkata try all the means to ensure that they capture the intensity, emotions and the mind of the bride and the groom.

Another key element that needs to be captured is the bride touching the bettle nuts with her feet and the groom’s effort to keep her in balanced is something that is worth truthful.

  1. Keeping the Fire in the Frame

When it comes to capturing the saatphera, eliminating the fireplace or the havan is something a blunder in the shot. The professional experts make sure that the snaps do not bear the effect of too much exposure to the fire making either the foreground or background unclear. The setting of the appropriate ISO and the shutter will make the impact more meaningful.

  1. Include the Wedding Place

The wedding place is the area that bears the maximum decoration. With flowers and decorative papers, the exquisiteness of the wedding place or the mandap is worth capturing. The wedding photographer ascertains to click the entire saatphera with the mandap. A perfect shot of this is something that is worth captivating and should never be missed. It will include the priest (in Bengali – Purohit and in Hindi – pundit), the havan, the mandap, and of course the candid position of the bride and the groom taking the phera.

There can be two instances of circumambulation. On the first instance, the groom takes the lead while on the other, the bride. A professional wedding shutterbug will never miss any of the instances while clicking the whole frame.

  1. Never Miss the Offerings

In the Hindu wedding, there are things that are offered in the agnikund like ghee, flowers, cereals, etc. The photographers need to be precise in clicking the moment with utmost precision.


Lens locking this essential ceremony is something that takes into account patience and a broader perspective. Getting the position to get the best shots is what must be the ultimate goal of the photographer.

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