4 Tips on ‘FOCUSING the Subject’ for Perfect Wedding Snaps

A perfect photograph is all about getting the right focusing for the subject the photographer wants to click. It becomes utmost important to make the snap not only engaging but also eye-catchy. The professional photographers from the reputed agencies that offer services like wedding photography, pre-wedding shoot keep this in mind. Getting the focus right is all about the apt skill that the expert has mastered all throughout the years of his or her work.

When it comes to capturing the wedding moments, it becomes one of the crucial points. Reason being, it is a way of giving the couple the opportunity to look at the snaps and smile of the HAPPY MOMENTS. Wedding photography is all about capturing the treasured moments to be cherished for long. Every moment of the wedding tells a story. It is the expertise of the professional wedding photographer in Kolkata by which he or she is able to capture the moments for the purpose of portraying an event in a well-defined sequential way. To ensure the success of the motive, FOCUS plays the crucial role.

A wedding story can be woven by focussing properly on the subject according to the event. Therefore, to make it flawless, the following are some of the things that need to be taken care of during a wedding photography—

  1. Composing the SHOT

Photography is art. How well a shot is being composed depends on the aesthetic view of the photographer. The important elements of the wedding should never be given a miss. These are the elements that make a photo attractive. For example, properly focusing on events or rituals like gayee holud, sweets, or sindurdaan gives the true essence of the moments. Photographers take their time to compose the shots keeping the background and foreground subject in mind.

2. Look for the EVENT and its ESSENCE

A sindurdaan must not capture the happenings going around in the surrounding. The photographers need to be very attentive in cases of snapping the events. The reason being no one knows when the candid moment is going to come. The modern candid wedding photographer in Kolkata has shaded the shell of traditional way of photographing the event and has introduced their own creativity to add flavour to the snaps. This is all about creating the essence of the event flawlessly.

  1.  AUTOFOCUS or MANUAL? Choosing the Right Mode

All the modern cameras give the option to change the mode of photographing- autofocus or manual. Clicking with any of the modes on is always going to give you the true essence of the event. The photographer needs to keep in mind about the mode. Therefore, before clicking the shutter button, it is necessary to look out for if the camera is focusing on the right area or not.

  1. It is not always BRIDE or the GROOM

Many photographers do a mistake in considering that the wedding snaps mean only the bride and the groom. But it is not true. Perfect wedding snaps must contain the candids of the relatives, friends and guests apart from the bride and the groom. For the candid snaps of all the invitees, focusing on the person just at the right time plays the decisive role.


Focus plays the vital role in making a snap aesthetic. The right adjustment of the subject or the thing to be focused is going to enhance the look of the snap. Therefore, it is important to make sure that there are no flaws during ‘focusing the subject’ as any flaw is always going to ruin the QUINTESSENCE OF THE MOMENT.

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