Destination Wedding Photo Shoot
4 Pro Tips to Make Destination Wedding Photos Phenomenal

“Wherever you go, go with your Love.”

A wedding is the first step towards the beginning of a new session of life. A destination wedding photography is all about making countless memories. This is one of the crucial elements that a person is going to miss apart from the wedding cake, chocolates, beautiful bands, and the decorations.

The soon-to-be-married couple makes sure that they never give these things a miss. Also, they are not going to miss the opportunity to have their natural-self locked on the celluloid photo film; the couples are hiring professional photographers for their destination wedding shoots.

There can be big plans for the destination shoots. However, it is the photographer who is going to do the things in style. The professional photographers know the importance of those special individual moments. Every effort of the photographer is always towards clicking the best shots. Therefore, the following are some of the things that the wedding photographer in Kolkata follows to make the shots phenomenal and stand out amongst the rest:

  1. Capturing Lights and Actions

Light is the essence of great photography. Be it the natural or the artificial, utilising the lights in the perfect way is always going to yield the best shots. Top photographers believe that the destination wedding photography during the morning light is always going to be mesmerising. The different shades of the sun rays are always going to enthral the wedding moments and the decor.

Destination wedding photography is incomplete without capturing the night decorations. The organisers leave no stone unturned while decorating the venue. The photographers too put all their heart and soul to make sure that the entire wedding ambience is captured to the best of the effects. Clicking the moments with the effects of the lights in the background is always going to add exquisiteness.

  1. Focus on Everything Except the ‘Posed’ Ones

For the inexperienced photographer, clicking the photos at the destination wedding is a huge challenge. Many professionals find it challenging to maintain the proper balance while snapping the decor, people and the occasions. It is, therefore, suggested to snap the people who are in their natural self, the deciding moments in the special events, and of course the unique decorations.

  1. Try Blending Everything

One of the greatest traits of a good wedding photographer is the capability of how well the professional can blend the moments. The person capturing a moment out of the moments must make sure that all the snapshots should be able to portray a story of the entire proceedings. The professional takes into consideration all the aspects that would help to depict a true essence of the wedding.

  1. Find Moments to Capture the ‘CANDID’ Portraits

Every person at the destination wedding is photogenic when they are at their own. The destination wedding in India brings in a lot of guests and relatives to the marriage. The photographer makes sure that they do not miss any of the people when they are at their best. Every snap tells a story and is cherished for long.


Destination pre-wedding and wedding photography is a challenge for every photographer. The photographer needs to decipher all the hidden elements that would help translate the venue photographically.

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