4 Immortal Bengali Wedding Rituals That Look Lively for Photography

Bengali wedding – these two words mean the fairyland lives again. It is hard to believe such a precious and vibrant moment actually exists in this uncared, rough world.

Well, the truth is that the unbelievable thing does happen in this world, even if you don’t think about it or expect it.

Such a thing is the collection of those special moments you get only in a Bengali wedding.

But, do you know everything about these customs? Do you know that how you should speak to pro photographers regarding the photo shoot of these things? Well, read to find out.

Custom 1: Aiburo Bhaat

Just a great time for delicacy and for the feel of the approaching marriage! Try to be ready for it as it is one of the things that’s not going to happen after your marriage. Aiburo Bhaat is the ritual when the bride and the groom both have a very enriched and filling meal with delicious preparations. They have this meal individually though. The significance of this meal is that it is considered the last meal in terms of being an unmarried person.

For photo shooting it, ask your professional photographer to make some arrangements before you start eating. Artistic snaps of food items and religious processes have to be taken. Photos should also be captured at the time you eat. Short video clips can also be recorded.

Custom 2: Specialty is Undefeated with Gaaye Holud

Well, this has a very strong emotional connection with both the bride and the groom. But, occasionally, it has been found that the brides and their family members are more enthusiastic about the matter. In this ritual, a paste of turmeric is applied on the skin of both the bride and the groom. The turmeric after use by the groom is then set to the bride for the same process.

The fundamental thing about the ritual is at the time the turmeric is applied. Ask the candid wedding photographer in Kolkata to take both candid and usual shots. Make sure your the pro doesn’t miss any of this ritual.

Custom 3: The Alta Application

A popular practice in Bengali weddings where Mehendi is replaced by Alta – a red pigment! It is applied on the feet and on the palm of the bride as a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi and as a custom to gain her blessings.

Alta has a brilliant photogenic quality and makes for great photos. Just tell your pro photographers to take close-ups so that they appear the most elegant and artistic.

Custom 4: The ‘Mangal Ghat’ Placement

The Mangal Ghat placement is a guard against ominous spirits. Four clay vessels with mango leaves, a coconut on top, garlands and Swastika symbol in Vermillion, are placed at four corners. A similar vessel only of copper is to be placed at the front of the gates of the bride’s home.

Photographers take close-ups. But, you may tell them to make it more interesting by videoing some parts of it. The innovative techniques for editions in contemporary Bengali wedding photography in Kolkata can also make brilliant effects after the photos are taken. But, be sure to get a lot of them. How? Snap some photos while the vessels are being prepared.

To Stop Writing for Now

Just don’t forget to speak to your wedding photographer about the demands you have from wedding photography. These customs are not the only ones in a Bengali marriage but there are many. Try to get them framed in the most effective ways.

Don’t worry though as the perfectionists are there with the title ‘wedding photographers’.

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