3 Surefire Tips to Choose the Best Wedding Photographer

Stephen Leacock’s “With the Wedding Photographer” portrays a beautiful story of a man who went out to have a photo clicked by a wedding photographer. With hours of waiting outside the studio, the furious man hopped up and reached out to the photographer asking the reasons for the delay. The photographer pacifying the man said it was the special effect that was consuming time.

The photographer after pacifying the man asked him to come for the printouts on a specified date and time. Quite eagerly and enthusiastically, the man reached out to the photographer and asked for the final copies. The photographer handed over him the prints. SHELL-SHOCKED! The man was unable to identify himself in the snaps. When asked for the reason, the photographer justified it with the visual art and skills that have made the photo to look like this.

This short story was on a funny note. However, this can be true if the right kind of photographer is not hired. Making sure that your wedding snap is perfect is necessary. All your make-up and the decoration will go in vain if the photographer alters your ears, eyes or the nose. Aww! This is what no one would want to see after spending so much on the wedding snaps.

It is, therefore, has become essential to make a wise decision while selecting the best wedding photographer in Kolkata. The following are some of the golden rules to be followed before choosing the professionals who are not going to mess you up:

  1. IDENTIFYING the Professionalism Within

Be aware of the self-acclaimed photographers! A professional photographer should always have the work portfolio for all the projects that have been handled till date. Therefore, you must ask for the previous wedding occasions the photographer has worked in. Have a thorough look at the vision, idea and the innovativeness the photographer has. Also, make sure that the photographer evades from ‘overdoing things’.

Also, it is necessary to look out for the fields the photographer has worked. The broader exposure ensures that the person you are hiring is versatile and can switch over to your preference (traditional or contemporary) in a jiffy. While hiring online, look out for the testimonials/reviews. At this point, recommendations do work.

  1. INTERVIEWING the Shortlisted Ones

After you have a made a list of the entire prospective wedding photographer, make sure that you visit each of them personally and ask for the type and the kind of photography they have done till now. Ask for the deadlines, hours of work and the other kind of snaps that the photographer can provide. Apart from all these, marriage photography in Kolkata also includes editing and composing the pictures to make the final wedding album. Therefore, have a look at it too!

  1. INITIATING the Proceeding

After everything has been set, it is the time to make the photographer involved in the wedding session. Convey to the photographer what you want and introduce him/her to the family members to make the things easy for the photographer. It is, therefore, important to be known for all the things that are specific to the wedding.


After thoroughly assessing all the aspects of the photographer, confirm only when you think that the person is going to meet the expectations. All the above points will surely help in ensuring that the person you are hiring is a pro and is never going to mess with the snaps.

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