3 Mistakes Wedding Photographer Does That Make You Look Dumb

No matter how well you dress up and get ready for your wedding unless you get the best snaps, everything is going to be history. A professional wedding shutterbug makes sure that they capture the real you during your wedding time. The candids will always be a memorable one and whenever you give a sneak into the album, it must always going to refresh the memories.

Every preparation done during the wedding seems to be incomplete. One of such preparations is arranging the best professional photographers who would click the top shots for you. What makes it more important is that these moments are going to come only once. The pious and the precious moments through the snaps are going to be with you for the lifetime. Experts consider these moments to be the best version of one’s life’s history.

As you have thoroughly thought over the issue of hiring the reliable professional wedding photographer in Kolkata, it is essential to make sure that they have the adeptness in doing so. A little error on the part of a photographer in capturing the moments is going to be a ‘blunder’. The following are some of the instances when an error from the professional’s side is going to make you look dumb—

  1. Editing, Re-editing and Alas, OVER EDITING!

At times the shot captured can be good. But from the photographer’s perspective, it would have been better if there were more lights, hues and saturation. As such, the photographer edits the photo to improve the appearance. The process ends up with over editing- messing up with the background and the subject. What ends, at last, is the LOST ORIGINALITY!

Therefore, it is important to take care of the fixing to the optimum amount with the photography tool.

  1. Shooting in BURST MODE

This is one of the major wedding photography fails. Few photographers, to seize every moment of the ritual, prefer to click in the burst mode. They believe that one can be the best shot out of the metric snaps they shoot. But the fact is that clicking in this mode leads to overshooting. Sometimes, the random click results to the blurring of the subject- especially if the bride or the groom moves to perform a particular ritual together.

The companies that are into professional wedding steer clear of taking snaps in Burst mode. They prefer taking time to avoid the problem.


Give time to the perfect moment, but never procrastinate them. Many photographers rush into clicking the moment thinking it to be the best one. But dang, happens the mistake! The photographer thinks, had the time slowed down; the shot would have been perfect.

There is a no point committing an error on the spot. Every snap needs to be faultless. Therefore, it is necessary to have a thorough plan and the know-how of the events to get the perfect shots.


These are some of the common mistakes that a photographer commits while shooting the wedding events. The experts avert from these flaws to get the faultless snap. As a person hiring the professionals, it is necessary to check out the portfolio of the photographer regarding the accuracy and clarity.

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